Our services

Here at Fausties, we offer guest houses available for short and long term stays, we have an extensive range of shops that are available for rent, a fleet of cars available for rental, motorcycles available for delivery service and passengers, and we also offer web development, web design and hosting services and sell an extensive range of products via our boutique.

We operate in the following cities:

  • Accra
  • Agona- Swedru


More cities and towns coming soon!

Our Vision

To expand throughout Ghana and to offer more services nationally in different cities across the country.


We work with the Local Community to ease unemployment and give back to the locals. 

Who are we?

Fausties is a Ghanaian-based company, founded in July 2021, with the purpose of being a solution to your every needs. From technology and website design and development, through to maintaining shops, apartments and guest houses located throughout Ghana. With Fausties, you cannot go wrong.


"Fausties helped me when I was visiting Ghana. I rented a guest house property with them throughout my stay and it had excellent scenic views. I recommend them"

"The website that was created blew my mind away. The service was quick and efficient and impressed my customers. Fausties is truly excellence!"

"I love working with Fausties because they are truly the best at what they do. They have a range of services that I use regularly and their vehicles are luxurious and clean!"